Freshers Wristband Statement

Since the peak of the virus much has changed and will continue to change during the next 3 months. Whatever the picture looks like towards the end of September/start of October we will 100% adhere to government guidelines for the safety of you all.

We understand that by going on sale in the current climate, we have prompted scrutiny from well meaning institutions in Lincoln who like us, have the well being and safety of students at their heart. Whilst we continue our dialogue with these partners, we intend to stay on sale as we continue to monitor the situation. Clearly, if the current government guidelines are still in place in October then nightclubs will indeed not be open meaning we will provide a 100% refund. As stated across all of our promotion your purchase is entirely risk free. 

However based on recent government guideline changes, we strongly suspect that guidelines in 3 months will be very different. We would never jeopardize the safety of our customers and look forward to welcoming you to Lincoln in September/October.

Please note that the wristbands currently on sale are of limited quantity, due to the possibility of venues operating at reduced capacities in line with social distancing.